Yamaha Drive Chain Kit (MT-10/SP/Tourer)


The chain and sprockets have one of the toughest jobs on your Yamaha. They have to be able to transmit engine power efficiently to the rear wheel, and are expected to handle extreme acceleration as well as the back torque generated by engine braking. And all of the time these exposed components have to be able to withstand extreme heat and cold, as well as rain, grit, salt and dirt.

Yamaha Genuine chain kits are manufactured to the same high standards as the original equipment that was fitted to your Yamaha in the factory. Which means that they minimise final drive power losses for improved performance, and also offer high levels of wear resistance to give a longer life.

Each Genuine Yamaha chain has been developed to handle your motorcycle’s engine power, and is matched to the hardness of the Genuine Yamaha sprockets. Compared to an aftermarket chain kit, Yamaha components will be stronger and more wear resistant, giving you many more miles of trouble-free riding.

  • Genuine Yamaha chain and sprocket kit suitable for the Yamaha MT-10, MT-10 SP and MT-10 Tourer.
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